My View From The Litter Box

My View From The Litter Box
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Greetings my friends or foes here on blogger. Cain came home tonight. He was cremated and I know for a fact he is good hands now. I freaked out when I saw my brother going downhill. I still cant use the catbox in the bathroom anymore. So ´´wasderface´´& the spoiler went out and got super size cat box which is currently sitting next to the deck door,its where i sleep too. Guess we all saw this coming, still sucks. Now i got no pucky to play with. Before he got sick, cain was wanting to play WWF with me. Which he never did. The humans are beyond consoling. I try to get my large butt on the couch and meow and give them elbow baths. ´´ wasderface´´ sleeps out here now on the couch cause i dont like to be alone.

I dont think they mind the fact that i fell off the couch during my sleep and took a sock with me. Hey, I needed something to grab on yanno? Think the sock took the worse of the damage. So its just me now around this place. The humans have had some things to deal with back in the states. A grandmother died, then a sis inlaw. It was a triple wammy and all i could do was hide, yes admitt i peed on the floor runner.2010 was a messed up yr and 2011 is starting out the same. The vet gave my owners some anti anxiety stuff which the humans will mix into my food.

So, here Iam,, Murphy, knowing where cain went to. Rainbow ridge, but still missing him badly. Till i Get my bearings, I will just post whenever I can. Thanks friends. God Bless and talk with ya later.


Sunday, April 03, 2011

For my bro!
Regards,, Murphy!

Ciao :)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Rest In Peace Cain. May 16th 2000- March 30th 2011.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello Again.!!! Its Me Murphy. Times and things have changed. Ive have got older, cant say wiser. Puck the fuck as I call em, dropped weight and is like a shark when it comes to food & water. I gotta sit by till mr.jaws leaves the food bowl plus water. Other wise the nummy smacks me paw slapping on the head. Gotta tell ya it hurts but ,,Just to old to play the game its ´´ALL MNE´´!

well now that We are back, its like scrambled eggs. Lotta to tell ya folks,, just no time :(

I AM BACK!!!! ;)~

Alvin,,,,i miss u dude!

Quote of the day,
´´Is This Not A Man´´?


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Au Revoir Murphy and Cain!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Isint it nice to shoot and kill unarmed ppl in your country?
MONKEY MAN,, you and your fucked up mullah are running
out of time. LEAVE IRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET THE YOUNG PPL
It takes a man to stand up and admitt mistakes. It takes a liar to defy such and murder in the name of god.
Ich hasse monkey man. damn your soul to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Is this really what the 1979 revols want? They had thier time, now its time for the youg ppl in IRAN to do what they wish. Another Hitler,, dressed in cheap clothing.

I damn to hell the current dick/tator of IRAN and Irans so called holy man of whom many are forced to obey his wishes. Welcome to civil war 2.0. And for the assholes riding on motor bikes,, just stick a broom stick inside thier spokes(wheels) as they ride past playing scumbag cops. once they fall from thier motor bikes,, torch it. Looking at this news wise via the EU it looks like a really bad episode of planet of the apes. With the police riding in black on motor bikes.

ramn em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plow those bastids with a car,, large. FREEDOM FOR IRAN!!!!!! WHERE ARE THE VOTES?!?!?!?!?! 40 million votes counted in 2 hours? paper ballot? WHERE ARE THE TRUE IRANIANS VOTES????

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HUMP DAY HAS ARRIVED! Are you prepared?

Ok lets check out this DB below. Was he the one who drew up the plans for torture and made sure 93 videos of CIA interagations were destroyed after Bush left office? Yes Rummy lay your hands in a calm cool manner, your going to need it.

´´See what we so is this,, we torture not the the torture we want but the torture we have´´
Can someone waterboard this bitch and see what he says along with ´´Dick´´ to find out thier secrets? I swear they learned alot from the Nazis and KGB. Oh for those NON CIA OR NSA , just those black water fucks who tried during huricain katrina to take away ppls guns who were LEGAL gun owners, you better run bitch.!
Hang em high, nuffs nuff for Eric Prince and the Billions he made. Eric? Enjoy your freedom too. Oh bty Eric sold the company blackwater. Its time to go after the scumbags who shit on our rights as americans and killed and then shit on countless others in various countries. ONWARD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Wednesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded
Tuesday: 4 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded
Monday: 19 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded
Sunday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 28 Wounded
Saturday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 7 Wounded


Lights,, Camera,, ACTION!
was that paris and lin lo partying together?
will be a early victim of parkinsons for sure.
what airline was that?
ok alot of them looked like it hurt, others sorry funny for being that stuipid.
stick to walking moron,, seems your running skills are lacking abit.
i really hope that was a plastic shovel otherwise the dude is a asshole x 100.
wonder what drunks he paid to practise that on untill the real match ?
cute but what is this little one saying?
the Refs should have beaten this dude down to the ice and slid his body out of the game.
´´Born to be a MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORON´´!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MMAF!!! iam sorry but take the helmet off after your off the bike. hope your ok,,,
no comment,,,,,,
as if running from the pain will help this poor kids mishap.
yes your were doing so well,,,,,,,,
um,,,,,,no comment.
sounded like a good song untill the idiot came along and started a fight on stage.
well he can automaticaly walk to first base,, providing he can still walk that is.
and there are those libs that say women dont hit thier boyfriends or spouces,, right right,,,,,,
this pos should have gotten life and not 30 years. drop the soap alot bitch !
they need to beat her in order for her back hand serve to become better, or maybe shoot her dad or something.
that was a chick? iam sorry but air mixed with fat flubbers around alot,, makes it hard to notice yanno?
must have happend in the EU. ppl here tailgate big time.
MMAF!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh fuck,, so close yet no pigeon.
damn what a crazy bitch!!!!
gotta give em credit,, he tried,, made it but probably will need knee surgery.
figures it happend at the dollar general,, at least she walked away from it.
MMAF!!!!!!!!!! this is too good to not view,, and the order was correct too!
good to know just in case,,,,,,,,,?
they shoulld make that bitch the water, jock strap and sweaty towel boy after that dirty hit.
Gee even the ´´pigs´´ in the UK are becoming not well liked. I wonder why?
Dear lord , let not this moron become a member of the military!!!!!!!!
Iam 100% confident that this required medical treatment afterwards. Oh yes 100%
let the ´All ´Blacks´´ play this shitty team. What a lesson they would learn in a heart beat.
MMAF!! how dumb can ya be?
cant say i blame the man, being how that country is shitty.
------------------------------------------------------ For those looking for a puppy or kitten that were seized in NYS , living in deporable conditions,, check this websight out. Lots of pups, dogs, cats and kittens. Give a older a dog a chance if you lack the patience of paper training etc. Thanks.
NEWS FROM THE HOUSE OF MURPHY ,,,and those that Must dwell here with me.

Seems Since ´´wasderface ´´ is up very late at night and when not having to work, goes to bed when ´´ the spoiler´´ leaves for work, I decided i didint like ´´wasderface ´´ sleeping on ´´The spoilers ´´ of the bed. So i did a naughty and as well ´´wasderface ´´sleeps,, fighting,, night mares etc, they manage to kick off a blankie on the floor. They were awoke by the alarm clock only to see me spraying the blankie. THAT SIDE OF THE BED ISINT FOR THEM!!!!!!!!! I wasint beaten, just asked a ? ´´wtf are you doing´´? and I ran off. Now they , the humans have sprayed anti cat spray on the lower part of the bed and floor to that keeps me away. Kinda smells like,,,,,well, icky.
Speaking of icky.. If you are reading this and live in germany and shop at a supermarket called PLUS,, DO NOT BUY THIER PRODUCE! fresh veggies etc.
My owners went there last week and brought a head of lettuce and were ready to make a salad, upon the unwrapping of it,, there were like 40 or more small black flying bugs that flew off in the kitchen. Tiny. They threw out the lettuce etc.
One week later those flying little fuckers became tiny black ants,, tiny tiny and they were everywhere like the NSA on your emails and phone calls, worse then mastercard actualy. It took my owners two cans of raid to rid the kitchen of these ants,,not to mention having to wipe down everything and cover things up as to not contaminate. DONT buy fresh veggies from this store.
One time my owners two years ago brought brussle sprouts and within 4 hours,, small bugs were coming out of them. Again the raid. Now ´´the spoiler´´ has a very ?? when it comes to smells regarding paint or chemicals. Imagine having to make you morning coffee wearing a gas mask , one of which the USA armed forces issue? Other then that,, nothing new. Ive been put on the poop list since pping on the blankie, no head buts or love,, just being called pisspot. Cain is doing well as well as the humans aside from the ant infestation. Things here are cool now.

For the taliban scumbags that are hoping to take over pakistian,, forget about it.
WART HOGS!!!!!! And with due respect to the leader in Pak,, dude open up your fucking eyes ok? Because if your so stupid as to be given 11 billion dollars in aid last year from the USA and have some moles in your mound,,,,,,,,get rid of em.
Otherwise,, the world will have NO awwwwwwwww once your nuke plants are taken over by scumbags aka taliban. We might go OOOOOOOOOOOOH when nato bombs the fuck out Packitstan. Yes i spelled that wrong on purpose.

Ok folks its time for me Murph to bid you a bye for now and oh cain wanted to say thank you for the first responders that rescue ppl and pets as heros you are. Stay cool,, be cool,, be safe.

WORDS OF WISDOM´´What god in any religion would teach followers to murder and rape and destroy, what those who do not believe in anothers? ´´
Lucifer,,,,,from the start of man kind


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Its just another manic hump day,,,wish it was sunday,,,,oh hey and hi too. Happy passover to my jewish friends. Well the worlds gone batty with folks shooting ppl because they cant speak english or have other issues. If your reading this and having issues and thinking about killing ppl,DO US the public a favor and shoot yourself only. Just think if you fuck that up, then you name really gets into the paper not to mention around the neighborhood too. So there,, your famous and still have issues. Its a no brainer!! Onward,,,,,,,

Modesto “Tony” DeCicco
Owned Hudson Pet Shop
Modesto “Tony” DeCicco, 84, of Germantown, died April 1, 2009 at his home after a long illness.
Mr. DeCicco was born February 7, 1925 in Long Island, LI the son of the late: Benvenuto and Rosina Suozzo DeCicco.
Before his retirement he had owned an operated the Pet Shop in Hudson for more than 35 years.
He was a WWI Veteran of the US Marine Corps having served in the Pacific Area of operations, seeing action at Angaur, Palau Islands.
Surviving are two sons: Anthony and Thomas, a daughter Patricia Griffin and two sisters Benna and Ines.
Calling hours will be 12 to 1 pm Monday at the Yadack-Fox Funeral Home of Germantown. Services will follow at 1 pm at the funeral home.
Interment will be in the Saratoga National Cemetery.
Condolences may be expressed at


EIDIOT!!!!! drinking and boating is not good and against the law.
um,, and no one does jack shit? no wonder hilter walked in to paris!
where is valemount?
wanna bet he is a jr firefighter?
wonder if those cactus´s hurt on his way down town,,,,
of course it works ,,they used it against the slave traders in order to excape like over 100 years ago.
running only makes the punch hurt more.
exposed! The real wife of Gordon Brown.
well isint that special, another moron falls down and goes boom on a BMX bike.
3 little pigs , see how they,,fucked up badly during a soccer game.
can you believe this shit?
thats what helmets are for, in good times and bad times, they protect your skull forever more,,,
dude,, you need new glasses!
even the geese smelled something afoul with AIG .
if they are boyfriend and girlfriend,, why the towel when he gets out of the shower? But good smash mouth effects!
MMAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIMBO
hope the broken glass and road rash felt nice douche bag.
um,, thats pretty piss poor training.
Is that Michael Vicks starting his first day on the job?
no kids for you sir.
what a wonderful story his mom can tell him when he ask when and how he was born.
excellent payback dude!
see what happens when a piece of ass can cost you much damage in cash?
watch out tiger woods,, the old timer still has magic touch.
one of the better rally wrecks ive seen in awhile.
that man is one sick puppy,,err no pun intended.
good catch dude,, that probably would have beemed her in the head.
why can i say iam not surprised at this ?
MMAF!!!! excellent prank and worthy of money too.
now thats pretty damn awesome adreniline ride!
cant say the beer is good but the commericals are better.
more of the same.
didint we all do this like when we were 17 yrs of age?
should have stuck it inside the freezer for faster and better results.
bet those that went out 3 yrs ago and brought the line six are now kicking themselfs in the ass.
dudes that was so ,,,,,gay.
that was smart,,,,,,
NEWS FROM THE HOUSE OF MURPHY,,,and others who insist on living here.

Nothing really new. Cains weight loss has stopped and now hes a mean lean eating machine. Guy eats like Rush limpballs cept cains weight stays the same, oh and cains not white pasty and sweaty either. Spring is here and the other day it was toasty warm and ´´wasderface´´ let us out on the balcony. It was fun, untill a large ass bumble bee flew around. The ´´wasderface´´ freaked out, chased us cats back inside and closed the screen door and lowerd the blinds so us cats can pop the door open.
Gotta admitt mr.bumble bee was one big ass bitch. We all watched it tap against the screen trying to in. ´´Wasderface´´ got up close to it. Safey behind the screen and studied it. They hate bees and are allergic. So what do they do? piss it off by waving thier hands in front of it saying something like ´´hahhaha bitch come get me now´´ I personly think they are nuts but hey iam a cat wtf do i know?
Well thats about it from here,, time for me to hit the bedroom and plop next to the spoiler and sleep on thier legs,, thus making them wake up trapped and unable to roll over. Cain wanted me say thanks to the fire fighters and EMTS ppls that rescue ppl and pets. Heros you are !!!! OK take care folks,, have a blast and enjoy spring, save ya money and read between the lines with those so called wall street experts.

WORDS OF WISDOM,,,,,,,´´,beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if the beholder is blind´´?



Wednesday, April 01, 2009

sure hope the configure worm didint ruin your day.ok lets get this done.!
why piss on this pretty chick? dude your so not getting anymore from her. FOOL!
be happy it wasint piss.
love the boots while typing.
looks like fun,,,hmm,,,,must remind oneself to get some envelopes.
MMAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he stayed there long no?
some classics!
another one that has to be tested out hehehhehe.
red necks and fire arms,,,,,,,
just how stupid can one be? enjoy those scars asshole. to think you put a babys life at risk is horrid.
soccer and suds just dont mix for some crowds and fans.
he must really love the game of his balls to do something like that.
gotta hand it to toyota, when ya fuck up them trucks stay upright.
um most vets test the horses out prior to make sure they are both in the mood. Dumb Ass.
He has a point,,but his friend is a asshole for blocking the camera man.
MMAF!!!! better get a ice pack for that kitty.
just feel the love from his room mates.
MMAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk about a blow hard.
no comment.
the beaker?!!
where is there no place in this world where ppl are fighting?
awwwww,,, glad that didint happen during the acutal prom.
bet if that cops mother inlaw was dying he would driving drunk thru the city and allowed to see her without any tickets or being pulled over. what a DB!
comonly called garden spiders and yeah these pups can grow long and fat. the females get larger then the males.
MMAF!!!! how stupid can they be to fall for that old trick in the book.
they are just crickets pussy man.
at least the drums were spared!!!!
no comment.
hes not a pussy man!
something tells me she did more then just pp after that prank .
any college,, any colleggggggg splat!
notice how this redneck fuck, has to rub his balls everytime he hits, or throws the laptop, then talks to the laptop like it was a real person,, and rub his balls again? MMAF!!!! RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!
dummy its digital too hahahhahahahahhaahha
Judge dread?
another pussy man!
another shit country to avoid!

News from our house to yours. Not alot to really talk about. Iam losing weight and now its stopped finaly. Murphy is getting that middle age spread hehe where Iam not. Seems the humans are getting ready to do the spring cleaning thing. YEAH not. I hate it when they pull out all of the funiture in search of ultra dust bunnies /beasts. One good thing about this mess is that they find some old toys we forgot we had and get to play with em again.
Aside from the world going to hell thanks to you humans , pets being dropped off because they can longer be cared for due to money or having to move due to human greed,us cats are cool.
We dont blame you for being a fucking mornon and adding another mortgage to your already partialy paid for house. We dont blame the banks for giving out loans to 75 yr old ppl with a 30 yr pay back, then sell that loan to a company that jacked the rates twice the amount.
We dont blame ppl for killing others over drugs or tax return money nor do we blame the goverments for letting this all happen. BUT what we do blame is for the media not voicing thier ´´we knew it´´ along with the little guy on the street. What,, telling the truth now suddenly isint cool? But now it is only because it makes for more news headlines. Kinda like the run up to the war in iraq. God was cnn and fox salvitating during the first months.
Since then,,,,,,they dropped that story, its old, it was wrong and hey lets now go pick on something else that might keep ppls mind on hold. Us cats have some advice for ppl, ´´Think FOR yourself´´! Danke. Well its my time to bid you all a fine farewell along with my brother here. Cain wishes to extend his thank you to the first responders that rescue ppl and pets as heros they are. And think that alot of those folks are all volunter!!!!!!
WORDS OF WISDOM ´´´ Dont piss on my back and tell me its raining.´´

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The WeekEnd Edition. Yes I know,,its been almost 2 whole weeks since ive last done the weekend edition. Yanno how it is folks, Been busy doing things like losing weight. My owners are happy but alittle worried about it too. Iam not. Iam just glad i can clean my own buttocks again. Kinda embarassing having one of the humans using baby wipes on my ass cause i was to fat to clean it right! ok,,,onward,,,,

Various Videos Around The Globe.
mean but yet,,,funny. Dig in dude.
dont take your anger out on the wild animal dipshit. You guys are the ones that pen it up along with the rest.
adorable cat,, but dude,, cats and dogs cannot have chocolate,, it can kill them. ask your vet and I hope thomas didint eat any.
KEEP THE MONEY!!!!!!!!! spend it fast and have a nice day.
dude,,,wtf? buy her a quad.!
asshole owners,,,bet ya that dog is either dead or in a vet clinic.
I love this couple!!!!!
dude,, why give away your shit free online? remember Fred Durst?
Is this our future leaders to come?
I think hes ok,,,,,with plotting revenge.
same as above....
these ppl are odd.
the next mass killer in the making,,,,,
oh iam pretty sure shes going to be sorry for pulling that stunt.
just remember unless your married to a plastic surgen, old age will have you looking like this some day.
hows all that hot cheese and sauce feel inside your eyes? DONT ABUSE PIZZA!
she has some really bad issues!!!
that man should stick to picking up garbage as he lacks dance skills.
um , what happend to the cockpit cover?
the new blow up doll on the market in the future?
this video SUCKS!
did anyone else get a case of vertigo and thank god these ppl are not your neighbors?
king of the hill? ok but if you listen close via headphones it sounds like ppl are having sex!
one lucky dude and at least the drive got out , not like in nyc!
mother nature can sure misfire sometimes.
hope ya like jello and pudding for 6 weeks.
not everyone likes to see a family member tazed bro.
MMAF!!!!!!!!!!! taco handshake,,,,,,,
payback,,,,,I love this couple:)
i think thats really lance armstrong practising.
MMAF!!!!! excellent .
why not? its for a good cause. you go katie.
funny but i hope it had a good outcome for the critter.
ok maybe it wasint the booze. Maybe it was the freshly waxed floor and wearing socks?
MMAF!!! momma mia and fung gu arent words of love,, after she wants a divorce. Doubt it happend but her lingo was hilarious.
even some bacon is shit!
shame costner didint use this idea in the movie water world.
I just,,,,,,,,,no its not right to comment about this.
hows that feel slap nuts?
too bad dude. Next time use the back breaks .
iono folks,, seems to me it look like a lovers spat. Ya all notice where that bouncers hand went to before the pick up trick errr truck thing?
its PUTINS DAUGHTER!! she was awarded the new guard at status at daddys prison for ppl who piss putin off, or on.
Now thats just something so,,,,,iono ,, but cool. BAAAAAAAAAAAA
looks like a repost , either way both assholes ruined thier bikes and ego.
i wish this dude worked for lutftansana airlines.
wash your hands next time? dude care to elaborate?
why laugh bitch? that could be your sorry ass someday once hubby drops you for someone with more brains.!
maybe find a new roomate or live alone?
I didint finish watching it. Americas top dumb asses is what it should be called. Nothing like kicking punching a person to save ya own ass due a ´´car bomb´´scream´´ America sucks. it was over heated car,, duh that comes from the fucking radiator duh that cools the cars engine duh!!!!
LOOK! WATCH!!!! this is what hard work is!! Sick and tired of the rich fucks making millions off the backs of ppl like this who bust thier ass to put food on the table and a roof over thier familys head.
MMAF!!!!!!!!!!! really if ya can park it, dont drive it.
ok so who spiked her beer? or is she just that wacked after a few?
no comment because I dont know wth they were speaking of!

News From Our House on a dead end street!!!

Nothing really new here folks. Seems folks all over the world are losing thier jobs and homes still!!!! While firms hire folks to help figure out thier bizz going the drain the average joe cant even get hired. Greed is good,,,,,,wonder if the script writer for that movie wall street now feels like the biggest asshole.

Well thats it from here. Take care folks and mega thanks to the first responders that rescue ppl and pets. Heros you gals and guys are. Have a good week and dont beat your fish or forget to let your kids inside. Oh make sure to give you cat a hug.

Bringing you the weekend edition for the love of sanity.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

In Loving Memory Of HartMut Baumfeld.
Son, Solider,Husband And Father.
March 12th 1942--- August 8th 2007.
Love, Grandma, And The Brats.

Monday, March 09, 2009

HUMP DAY! Are You Prepared?
yo,,cause iam not. Actually iam thinking that hump day now more then ever makes humans figure out just wtf they are fighting for,, and for that matter, why they repeat the same mistakes again. But then again Iam a cat. I know that once a large plant is tipped over due to my mistake of raising hell,, i avoid that area like say,, the next britney spears concert. Its risky and to icky! OK lotta shit out there in this world of which you humans made and twisted to comply with certian nations petty wishes. Enjoy it and stew in it. Oh and stop dropping us animals off at the local pound because you are in a credit fuck due to your own stupidity. If ONLY us animals could dump the sorry ass owners of pets,,ya might think twice. Because in china,, they EAT CATS!!!!!!!


This kid made headlines for being almost killed. Where are they now?
what would you do for a clowndike bar?
yes have that recess but sniff at the end of the sentence!
MMAF!!!!!!!!!!! i never knew turtles whimper during sex.
RYDER! never rent from them or higher em either.
sorry bo rider,, this time your song sucked.!!!!!
looks like the better man won . Its the same class and grade so forgive the idiot comment about how you dont fight some one better then you. They know jack shit,,,,,,,
and the point of this is again,,,,,?
MMAF!!!! finale someone noticed!!! Man back in the day there was no double pedal shit,, either you were fast or you sucked.
who gets the clean that shit up after?
looks like someone is going to go ape shit here!
oh shes a lady and a winner too .
move over balack and beckhem,,,,,,
lay off the hooka honey ok?
your father will hate you and tell you the truth, your really not his son.You were a product of incest.
dude ppl do this every winter in europe.
yes,,,dry humps are better then stabbings i guess after a game.
great parenting skills here folks.
arent you a bit old to be playing on the play ground ,,,,
ok the daughter needs her ass bitch slapped. Ya dont call ya mom names nor hit them. It was a joke slut, deal with and get over it. NEXT!
yanno i really dont know what to hell to make from this clip. Its just so,,,,wacked.
yes,,,the rising cost of health care,,,have a look.
thank you for flying moron airlines ,,,
bet he would be a excellent egg peeler.
yanno ive wonderd why now for years,, how come men dont pole dance? Oh and lady,, hope your partial is ok.
MMAF!!! why does she stay with this dude? I guess he missed having a older or younger sibling?
I think the truck was speeding but yanno opinions are like assholes,, everyones got one.
gotta admitt that was rude, hope they blew out his voice speaker :) !
MMAF!!! the title says it all really.
well britney ya didint mind your pussy sticking out when ya were paling with paris. I have the pic too ;)´
Puck player bigtime.
um and what would the WPG use?
sack slaps,,,,,cute for any couple.
MMAF!!!!!!!!!!!!! way wacked
thank your moms for puting up with your ass for 9 months ,, literaly.
sucks to be you , wannabe bruce lee. ;)~
must have been those fortune cookies?
intell inside?
duh,, they are not legal for the street but still that was ,,,,cool dudes. Brings back memories.
no comment!

One of my owners , who is news hound found this site in the state of CONN.
If you live nearby or think you may have saw some of these lost pets,, please call the number below every picture. I think my owner was reading CNN USA and saw a spin off from a story regarding cnn and saw this on the side board of the USA station.

Losing a pet sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! No matter or how it happend, the not knowing is the kicker here.

So keep your eyes and ears open and look around for the folks in HARTFORD CONN!!!! and Mass and neighbor states. Danke.
News from our house to yours.
Well its like a rubics cube on acid. Both humans are sick with some kind of stress related crap. Iono,,,ppl need to like take cat naps and sleep alot. Works for me !
Cain is now at a weight where he lost his round fat head. Still eats alot and drinks water like a camel. poops ok,, vet said,, so far so good. But wow is he hyper when it comes to food. I myself have gained weight and i think it looks good.!
Then there is case here of the yellow crop round spots that has happend again.
Seems someone of us cats is leaving crop pp spots on the bed. Small mind you but still its not nice. WE are now both under the eyes of ´´wasderface´´ to find the crop pisser! Hence,, no one has been caught. I am claiming the 5th and shall speak no more about this matter! Other then that nothing new. Its soon to be spring and well for us guy cats,, we can smell when the balcony door is open and yeppers we meow alot . Figure it out folks. With shis i shall depart as its late and iam tired. Thanks for stopping on down and viewing this blog,, or not. Take care humans and remember,, 2 more days to go before its friday! Oh and cain wanted me to thank the first reponders that rescue ppl and pets too cause heros you folks are!!!!!

WORDS OF WISDOM,,,,,,,,,´´,Common sence is the best defence.´´ Murphy 2002.